Our Story

Industry experts

It all started in 2003 when two tech-obsessed brothers saw a window of opportunity to create stylish protection for the brand new iPod. But when the tech boom took the world by storm and the iPhone was born in 2007, their simple idea evolved into an innovative business for the digital generation. 

It’s all in the details

With an eye for design and constant desire to incorporate new, environmentally-friendly technologies into each and every product, you can be sure that no detail goes unnoticed. Through advanced manufacturing techniques, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable, innovative, and unique solutions for the international market.

Crafting premium solutions

We’re big believers that phone cases should be sleek, stylish, and ultra-protective, so our mission is to create accessories that enhance your aesthetic, instead of clashing with it. Through our imaginative ideas and unique designs, we’ll give you all the functionality and sophistication you need to level up your lifestyle.


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