Our Story

We've Been Around

What started as a simple idea in 2003 by two tech-obsessed brothers, later became an international brand providing customers around the world with practical but stylish phone cases. The iPod was our first focus, but when the iPhone took the world by storm in 2007, we knew our future plans had to move with the tech-savvy generation. 

It’s all in the details

We strives to incorporate new technologies into our design and production, while minimising environmental impact. Through the combination of advanced technology and manufacturing techniques, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable, innovative, and unique solutions to the international market.

Crafting Everyday Solutions

We’re big believers that you don’t have to compromise on style to have an ultra-protective phone case, so we make sure that our accessories enhance your style, instead of clashing with it. Let us take care of the innovation, the custom made solutions and the environmental impact, while you focus on sharing your best mirror selfies to the gram. We’ve always got you covered.


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