What to expect from iOS 17

What to expect from iOS 17

With June right around the corner, iOS 17 is just weeks away from being unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. After last year’s major overhaul with iOS 16, many tech commentators have predicted that the next operating system generation probably won’t be jam-packed with lively features, but instead, there will be some upgrades and minor tweaks to the existing system. Nonetheless, here’s some of the rumours of what you can expect in the coming months:


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To begin with, there were some whispers about different features that would be included in iOS 17 a few months ago, but because Apple is reportedly shifting its efforts to the mixed-reality headset operating system, realityOS, the additions that were initially planned for this year have been pushed. If anything, these features may make their debut in iOS 18, so watch this space.


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Perhaps the most controversial rumour is the potential app sideloading support. Until now, Apple had vehemently fought the inclusion of alternative app stores on the iPhone, but it seems the Califonia-based tech company may have finally caved in order to comply with European laws. The Digital Market Act (DMA) states that Big Tech must allow alternative app stores on their platforms to give users more choice. Companies have until 2024 to comply and it seems that Apple is now preparing to make the change. Prior to now, Apple has been strict about users only downloading apps from Apple’s App Store, while Android has always allowed its users to install third-party app stores on their devices, potentially giving Android a competitive edge.


Each iOS update usually includes improvements to first-party apps, including music and messages. It has been suggested that the Messages are in line for a redesign this year, but the details surrounding it have been kept tight-lipped. One of the features that many users and tech fanatics would like to see in the new system is an updated Siri. Since its arrival with the 4S, the digital assistant hasn’t been given a major overhaul and many people believe it has yet to reach its full potential. As the prevalence of generative AI models grows, Apple needs to level up its game in order to gain a great advantage over its competitors.


Another feature that many industry experts have been calling for is to see improved notifications. While Apple has slightly tweaked its notifications with each new operating system, it still hasn’t satisfied and has lagged behind the advanced notifications on an Android. Apple needs seamless notification control with better management, better actionable items, and easier methods to clear all items.


Speaking of falling behind, the phone app hasn’t had an upgrade in what seems like forever. Many tech commentators have called for a boost, citing predictive dialling as something Apple should be introducing with iOS 17. In addition, others hope for native call recording in the phone app, something that Google has, and Apple has long held off. While you can download a third-party app to record, the feature would make things a lot more simple.


Photos: MacRumors, phonearena

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