What to expect at WWDC 2022

Apple WWDC 2022
A few times a year, Apple holds its annual events, inviting the press and industry experts to sit in a theatre and listen to the upcoming launches of their latest products and services. Not only is it attended by the good and the great of the tech world, but it is also live-streamed online to millions of fans. With so much anticipation of what’s expected to come in the next few months, there are always plenty of rumours flying around. Read on to find out what Apple may have in store for us this June.

With around four WWDC conferences per year, Apple tends to have patterns regarding what they’re releasing and when. The June event tends to focus on new software with the occasional high-end or pro hardware release.
We can expect to see new operating systems, including iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16. It has been predicted that iOS 16 will come with “fresh apple apps,” although it hasn’t been clarified whether that means new apps from Apple or a new look for existing apps. Other predictions include a new way of interacting with iOS - many tech professionals seem to be hoping for this update to include interactive widgets.
For iPadOS 16, there is expected to be an upgrade for multitasking improvements making it a better laptop substitute. It has also been suggested that Apple will overhaul the notifications system, which could mean building on the Focus modes introduced with iOS 15.
If you’re hoping for the low down on the iPhone 14, you’ll have to hang tight until September, but the June event will almost certainly offer some hints as to what the new phone release will include. If Apple tells developers to prepare for a dynamic status bar, it would seem that the rumours of the iPhone 14 getting rid of the notch on the front of the screen and replacing it with hole-punch front cameras are genuine. While there are only a few murmurs of this, nothing has been confirmed, and the WWDC may give us some further insight into it.
Apple watch
While there isn’t much information about watchOS, the usual updates are expected to be announced, so fitness fanatics can get excited about new health features, new workouts to track, and new watch faces. Perhaps the only other rumour floating around about the Apple Watch is that it may have an alternative mode to the power reserve mode. It could be similar to the iPhone’s low power mode, which would offer more usability rather than just being able to see the time.
Earlier in March, Apple announced a number of advanced accessibility features which included assistive touch gestures which allow you to move your fingers to end a phone call, take a picture or video, or navigate your media with ease. Also, a mirroring mode enables you to control your watch screen from your phone. In this announcement, Apple said we could expect the release in upcoming software updates, and it’s expected to arrive with WatchOS 9.
As for new macs, there has been some buzz around the unveiling of two new Macs, a redesigned MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with Apple silicon. Along with the Mac’s, it has been assumed that the next generation of silicon will be featured, and with the promise to upgrade the existing M1 chips, the WWDC conference would be the perfect place to announce it.
Lastly, and probably the most unexpected, would be the announcement of the long-time-coming AR/VR headset. It is reported to be years in the making and many people have anticipated the announcement at prior conferences, but it looks like we’re getting closer towards it. The rumoured headset is said to have augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities, featuring an array of cameras and a chip very similar to a Mac, along with sophisticated software called RealityOS.

The only reason why rumours are swirling about this is because of a published report which revealed that Apple’s board of directors recently got to try out the headset, something that typically happens right before consumers get a glimpse. The information explained that while Apple was planning on presenting it at the conference, some delays could put a spanner in the works. However, even if the AR/VR headset presentation doesn’t go ahead, there is every chance there could be a few teasers that could prepare for the eventual release at another conference later in the year.
Over to you Apple, the stage is yours!

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